California King

Some would say I'm a Jack of Few Trades, or perhaps a Master of One, but I'm fairly certain I just have adept hands and an excitable attention span.

As Darwin noted, it is neither the strongest or the smartest that will stand the test of time, but the ones most able to adapt to change.  So, I stopped working out and refuse to learn anything new; I'm just trying to focus on saying "yes" and wearing clean socks.

But Seriously... how I usually start a joke, which I do a lot of.  But I also partake in serious business, like

-Wilderness Guiding,

-Ecology work, and Primitive+Folk Arts, as documented recently on

-Naked and Afraid.  My Artistic flare-ups have always helped me find ways to blend

-Science and Creativity, and even landed me a cameo in a

-Ted Talk (minute 9:30🤓).  

I Believe In Love

It sounds like a Beatles’ song, and it’s pretty close to one, but it's also something I keep repeating because it keeps on coming true.  So, here I am, believing in Love and hoping that when we are our true selves, all the good that we deserve will come to us, we will want to work harder for things, and we will constantly end the day by saying "Dang, I'm making good decisions."